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Engineered Retaining Walls

You are proud of your home and want it to look as nice as possible. The last thing a property owner wants to deal with is soil erosion and flooding. Installing retaining walls is a great way to avoid the headache of unwanted erosion and flooding. Our walls will help keep the soil in place and prevent soil erosion. Outside of the functionality of these walls, you’ll also improve the look and beauty of your property. It’s a great landscaping improvement to areas where the terrain is uneven. Our retaining walls feature materials like concrete blocks, rocks and stones that help you retain soil in sloped areas. These walls are highly customizable, so that you can create the look and feel you want.

A solid wall serves as a barrier to prevent soil from sliding away and prevents unwelcome flooding. This will also help protect your plants and your property.

Any area susceptible to erosion and flooding is also at risk of getting damaged. Rainwater can easily wash away fertilizers and nutrients in soil, which can also harm your plants. Other risks include the potential for sinkholes, which would put your family and any pets at risk of injury. Adding a retaining wall can prevent these risks and offer a safer space to live.

Another feature of retaining walls is creating more usable space on your property. For property with hills, a wall can help you flatten steep areas. This also allows you to better utilize and improve the appearance of your home.

These walls are highly customizable and can easily match the look of your home and landscaping. It can also add valuable space for you to add a garden or a number of other unique features to your home. Retaining walls help guard against erosion and flooding, but also improve the look and functionality of your property.

Homeowners talk about wanting their space to have curb appeal that quickly catches the eyes of people who see it. Retaining walls do just that. They can help increase the value of the property for years. Retaining walls improve your home’s value because of the practical uses they serve. They also make sure your home is protected against erosion and flooding, meaning you have one less issue to worry about.

Our experts work closely with some of the best retaining wall contractors to provide clients exactly the look and function they seek via retaining walls. We partner with the following retaining wall block manufacturers: R.I. Lampus (Versa-Lok retaining wall system), Oberfields, Unilock, Techo-Bloc, Redi-Rock, EP Henry, Bauer Keystone, Ohio Stone, and Rosetta.

Adding retaining walls is an affordable way to invest in the future and longevity of your property. Our team can help you identify and design a layout that helps protect and improve the look of your property.