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French Drain Installation in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Having the proper drainage system on your property is vital in terms of protecting landscaping and soil around your home. French drains allow water to easily flow through a channel into a trench filled with gravel and eventually through a perforated pipe at the bottom of a trench. This allows you to safely move water away from potential trouble spots on your property and reduces the potential for flooding and soil erosion.

A proper French Drain System is an essential part of landscape drainage around your home. It can help save soil and reduce flooding, and save plants and flowers on your property. Simply put, French drains hve one job: to move or carry underground water away from a foundation. This prevents the accumulation of underground water and moves water away from the surface of your lawn.

A French Drain System can help you combat the challenges that come from surface water. Having a French drain in your yard can eliminate a soggy or washed-out lawn when the rain comes down.

The American Groundskeeping team can install the right French Drain System for you so that your yard and landscaping doesn’t get washed away by heavy rain. We can formulate a great exit strategy to move water away from the foundation of your house and help your yard remain drier and safer all year long. Our team will deliver a plan that keeps water off your driveway and sidewalks, while also reducing erosion on a slope that lacks protective vegetation. Let our team of professionals install a French Drain System that will offer you peace of mind when it comes to potential water issues on your property.